Dibujos para enfrentar a las fobias 😨

Dibujos para enfrentar a las fobias.

La mayor√≠a de las personas le tienen miedo a algo. Desde ara√Īas a payasos, agujeros diminutos, globos o la oscuridad. Cuando ese miedo es extremo, es probable que se trate de una fobia.

Aprovechando la época de Halloween, donde todo gira en torno al miedo, el artista Shawn Cross ha estado ilustrando algunas de las fobias más comunes y las ha compartido en su cuenta de Instagram, tal como consignó el sitio web de Independent, Indy 100.

Por ejemplo, lo hizo con la ‚Äúaracnofobia‚ÄĚ mientras escribi√≥ junto a su publicaci√≥n donde explica de qu√© se trata este miedo intenso a las ara√Īas.

Arachnophobia Рday 1 of Inktober / FearTober! People with arachnophobia tend to feel uneasy in any area they believe could harbor spiders or that has visible signs of their presence, such as webs. If arachnophobics see a spider, they may not enter the general vicinity until they have overcome the panic attack that is often associated with their phobia. Some people scream, cry, have emotional outbursts, experience trouble breathing, sweat, have heart palpitations, or even faint when they come in contact with an area near spiders or their webs. In some extreme cases, even a picture or a realistic drawing of a spider can trigger intense fear. #inktober #feartober #inktoberphobias #shawncossart #jakeparker #creepyart #whatsyourfear #inkart

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Lo mismo hizo con la ‚Äúbelenofobia‚ÄĚ junto a un dibujo donde una persona aparece con varias jeringas en su cuerpo, describiendo esta aversi√≥n por las agujas.

Trypanophobia – day 2 of #inktober / #feartober . All month I’m creating art depicting a new phobia. Fear of needles Fear of needles, known in medical literature as¬†needle phobia, is the extreme fear of¬†medical procedures¬†involving¬†injections¬†or¬†hypodermic needles. It is occasionally referred to as¬†aichmophobia¬†or¬†belonephobia, although these terms may also refer to a more general¬†fear of sharply pointed objects. It has also been referred to as¬†trypanophobia, although the origin and proper usage of that term is highly controversial. What’s your fear? #inktober #feartober #inktoberphobias #shawncossart #jakeparker #creepyart #whatsyourfear #inkart #popeofhell_art

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Incluso si eres de las personas que no le teme a ninguna de estas cosas, los impresionantes y aterradores dibujos de Shawn Cross seguramente perseguir√°n tus sue√Īos esta noche.

Este artista y dise√Īador tiene una exclusiva linea de ropa y art√≠culos con sus ilustraciones, llamada Any Means Necessary.

Estas son algunas de sus mejores creaciones:

Tripofobia (miedo a patrones o grupos de peque√Īos agujeros o protuberancias)

Trypophobia – day 3 of #inktober / #feartober . All month I’m creating art depicting a new phobia. Trypophobia¬†is a proposed¬†phobia¬†(intense, irrational fear, or anxiety) of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps Trypophobia¬†is not a diagnosis in the¬†American Psychiatric Association’s¬†Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition¬†(DSM-5) and it is rarely used in scientific literature, according to Jennifer Abbasi of¬†Popular Science.[1][4]¬†Abbasi said, “professionals who study and treat phobias tend not to use all the Latin and Greek names that get tossed around on message boards and in the press.”[4]¬†However, on blogs and in internet forums, thousands of people claim to have trypophobia.[1][4][5]¬†Psychiatrist Carol Mathews said, “There might really be people out there with phobias to holes, because people can really have a phobia to anything, but just reading what’s on the Internet, that doesn’t seem to be what people actually have.” According to Mathews, most people writing online are likely disgusted by these types of images without meeting criteria for a real phobia.[5] #inktober #feartober #inktoberphobias #shawncossart #jakeparker #creepyart #whatsyourfear #inkart #snapitzhorror #popeofhell_art #creepyart #artdaily

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Claustrofobia (miedo a los espacios peque√Īos)

Claustrophobia – day 4 of #inktober / #feartober . All month I’m creating art depicting a new phobia. Claustrophobia¬†is the fear of being enclosed in a small space or room and unable to escape.[1]¬†It can be triggered by many situations or¬†stimuli, including¬†elevators¬†crowded to capacity, windowless rooms, small cars and even tight-necked clothing.[2]¬†It is typically classified as an¬†anxiety disorder, which often results in¬†panic attacks. The onset of claustrophobia has been attributed to many factors, including a reduction in the size of the¬†amygdala,¬†classical conditioning, or a¬†genetic predisposition¬†to fear small spaces. #inktober #feartober #inktoberphobias #shawncossart #jakeparker #creepyart #whatsyourfear #inkart #popeofhell_art #crushed #claustrophobia

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Automatonofobia (miedo a los mu√Īecos, maniqu√≠es, animatronics o figuras de cera)

Automatonophobia – day 5 of #inktober / #feartober . All month I’m creating art depicting a new phobia. Automophobia¬†is the fear of things that false represent a sentient being, including¬†ventriloquist dummies,¬†animatronic creatures,¬†mannequins, and¬†wax statues. Sufferers may think that inanimate or robotic things, that seem to move on their own are potentially dangerous. Even some automophobic sufferers fear corpses, associated with¬†necrophobia. The automophobic person may experience heart palpitations, difficulty in breathing, rapid breathing, choking sensations, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shaking, shuddering, sweating, dizziness, insomnia, and/or increased sensitivity to sounds and lights. Psychotherapy¬†and¬†exposure therapy¬†are effective treatment methods of automophobia, which involves calming talking about the stimuli and getting comfortable with them. #inktober #feartober #inktoberphobias #shawncossart #jakeparker #creepyart #whatsyourfear #inkart #popeofhell_art #creepypasta #snapitzhorror #phobia

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Necrofobia (miedo a los cad√°veres)

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